It’s a time for you to think about your AIRCONDITIONER

Have you started complaining about the soaring temperatures already? Chances are, you’d be looking to your air conditioner for cold comfort very soon. But after a long winter hiatus, your cooling machines need professional pampering (read servicing) for them to be able to serve you well through the scorching summers.
If you’re one of those thinking ‘I could use my AC for a while now and get it serviced later’, you could be in for a rude shock (metaphorically, we mean)! Getting your ACs serviced only when they stop cooling is a bad idea because by then if you’ve already caused them the damage. When air conditioners are not in use for a long time, they develop leakages, which prevent them from running at their optimum. Timely servicing prepares the unit to bear load up to its designed capacity. An ill-prepared unit leads to substantial energy wastage and can cause further damage during peak summers. Hence it is imperative for you to get your ACs inspected by professionals and on time, having the appliances checked for their heat load, determining the capacity of the air conditioning unit and maintaining effective operating conditions. So make sure to call out to your servicemen while still in the lean period, when they’re not in a hurry to service multiple clients and you’re not in any dire situation, as this could be the perfect recipe for compromised quality. Beware of technicians who rampantly does AC gas charging without complying with standard operating procedures. This could warrant multiple repairs in future and incur you unwanted expenditure owing to a compressor replacement – a time-consuming and costly activity.
And now for some quick tips for you for the approaching summers:

• Set the thermostat right. If you set it too low, it would consume more energy without any significant benefit. The ideal temperature for human comfort is 24 degrees centigrade +/- 1. In case you have an infant at home aged 2-3 years, it’s recommended to set the thermostat to 25-26 degrees centigrade or above.

• Cleaning the filter in regular interval is a must for good performance of Air conditioner and for your health as well.

• Electrical voltage stabilizer is another important aspect for ACs to operate steadily. Pay attention to the incoming voltage and the regulated voltage. Get it corrected and optimize power consumption.

• Check for voids, gaps and openings in doors, windows and walls for incoming hot air. Get them closed and filled.

• Note that the walls in the south and west directions will always be hotter than the ones in the north and east. Therefore, shade the glass windows in the south, west and south-west walls with curtains properly. If possible try to place lush green plants over the region.

• If you have option, try to avoid putting condenser units facing south & west. The condenser & condensing units which are in shade & not directly exposed to sunlight along with good amount of free air movement, performs better and helps in energy saving.

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