It is equally important from where you buy when you buy


The weather is making way for the brighter, warmer summer days to arrive. Time is just right to beat the grey weather blues by taking a good
look around the house and identifying all things that may be in need of some care. Cold winter days tend to subdue the underlying problems
in most appliances and equipment lying around the house, making us believe that ‘all is well’. Sometimes, we dismiss a problem even after
having recognized it, thinking it may not be critical. Or probably, we choose to ignore it for the fear of getting tricked by the repairmen into
bearing unreasonable costs. The fear may not be unfounded after all – to find the right person for carrying out the repairs is no easy task!
Even if we take a step forward and decide to get the problems fixed, we often take recourse in the cheapest and the quickest options, ignoring
the real solution and compromising with the quality and value of services. This reduces the lifespan of our assets considerably.

Turn this around and change the way you care & repair. Receive home care services the way you ought to.

Inculcate a habit of preventive care rather than repairing when the damage is beyond repair. This will also increase the serving life of all your
devices and appliances at home.

Depend on a company or an organisation and not an individual. Choose a company that offers services suitable to your lifestyle, scalable as
per your needs and truly professional with all its ethics in place.

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