Be Prepared For An Electrical Emergency In Your House


You’ve probably reached here looking for an electrician to fix the circuit breaker of your house that is tripping too often, mend the switch panel giving out rude shocks to your folks or get the annoyingly flickering light of your room changed. While our electricians are adept at helping you troubleshoot all of these issues (see contact details below), there’s something you need to know and do to prevent these seemingly harmless issues snowball into serious accidents or pose higher risks.

Instead of calling out an electrician only in times of a visible electrical problem, have them inspect the entire electrical wiring system of your house periodically. This would not only help you diagnose, detect and fix the underlying problems looming over the safety of your home and family but also help you save big bucks on your electricity bills. An energy audit may sound like a laborious and pocket-burning idea but it is easier than you would imagine and offers higher returns in the longer term. Here’s how it works: our qualified Care & Repair professional would come and assess all electrical wires, systems, outlets and appliances in your home to identify outdated wires, faulty connections, unsafe appliance operations,  electrical mistakes by contractors and suggest measures to improve the power factor, balance loads and conserve energy and costs. Apart from ensuring a safer home environment, insights from the audit help you reduce inefficient use of energy and increase savings.

But if you’re up for an even more advanced solution to manage your energy consumption, consider the groundbreaking ‘house automation’ technology. This is the newest solution letting you control your lights, fans, security systems, electrical outlets at home from anywhere in the world. To know more, call us on +91 120 4912466 or write to us as

To book an electrician, call us on +91 9818882999 or visit us at

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